client: feeva  |  Product: ad network


Feeva was a highly competitive startup whose idea was years ahead of its time. In 2005 Feeva set up a free wifi network in San Francisco’s Union Square, captured online and offline data about users, and combined that data to predict human behavior. The question Feeva posed to Sprout was this: what opportunities existed in predictive behavioral analysis, and what products could be built on that data?


At that time in Web 2.0 history, this type of data analysis was unique. Feeva knew that the data could be used in any number of ways, from a FourSquare-like platform to an advertising engine, to government security. Moreover, the opportunity was great, and there were a number of very large players who might potentially enter the space quickly. Feeva hired Sprout to help define the best possible uses for the technology and establish the strongest opportunities.


Sprout worked with Feeva to develop rapid product ideas, research viability, cull the herd of ideas and corral anything that worked into a roadmap and product line extensions. All while the in-house product team worked on the core product.


The results of Sprout’s work were somewhat nontraditional. No product was launched. In fact, the ultimate goal of the project never was to introduce a product to market. Instead, Sprout’s partnership with the product development team yielded a number of highly viable, profitable business opportunities outlined in great detail that were then offered to companies who might be interested in acquiring the technology. The product was never released to market, and the founders of the company sold their intellectual property at a healthy profit.

Project Focus

Product Strategy
Marketplace Strategy  

When we said ‘bring it’, Sprout brought it... these crazy guys suggested we license our technology to the NSA, and sell our company to AT&T, funny thing is, they weren’t so crazy...
— Feeva