product definition + design

Every great product starts with a great idea. But not every idea turns into a successful product. When you work with Sprout, we’ll partner with you to formulate a unique product and your ideal consumer.

If there’s a hole that needs filling, an unknown that needs precision to ensure you move forward in the right direction, that’s our sweet spot. Mapping the way from Point A (idea!) to Point B (results!).

All of us at Sprout jump at the chance to dive into research and deliver a plan for your product. We work to meet the needs of the marketplace and your business so you can make money, make a difference,  or make love (not war). Your pick.

go to market strategy

The four Ps of marketing are both a science and an art. A lot of variables go in to them for a product offering, and getting them just right for the go-to-market strategy takes a little know-how and a lot of assumption-busting. That’s where our inquisitive nature comes into play.

We’ll bring together a strategy for going to market that hits the right note to give you the sales you need. The right channel. The right voice. The right distribution plan. The right results.

Our process involves more questions and applying experience that cuts across industries from non-profits, to retail, to financial services, to bleeding-edge technology. We tailor-make a plan that works.

market building

Defining a groundbreaking product is all well and good, but sometimes you need to define the proverbial shelf it sits on. You know, the marketplace. Because nothing kills a bold new product faster than people not understanding where it belongs.

Sometimes you have to create the marketplace. From scratch. We’ve done that. And sometimes circumstances are such that the best possible outcome (read: profit) for your company is for your product to never hit the market in the first place. We’ve done that, too.

At Sprout, we excel at helping clients make the product and the circumstances that will make that product a success.