Need a leader for your product innovation lab, not a problem. Need a skilled Product Manager to come and run delivery, can do. Want a director of User/Consumer Experience, we've got that too. Need someone to write code, build a model, or wire up a product, yup. Basically, any skill set we have in-house, we can loan you. If we don't have it in house you can bet we've got a relationship that covers it. 

user experience design

We have been practitioners in the space for more than 17 years. Our experience covers both information architecture as well as interface design, all the way through multi, and omni-channel customer experiences. Don't know an a multi from an omni, not a problem the idea is to make it all as easy as possible for users to do what they need to do. Simply. 

rapid prototyping 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a working prototype that allows a user to touch, play, and test worth? We've found them to be invaluable in our research and product development. A good prototype can clearly articulate the experience, and can allow you to quickly understand if it is a success or failure. Sometimes failing isn't a bad thing if you do it early and quickly. Prototyping has allow us to learn fast, iterate, and ultimately succeed. Prototypes serve as a framework for development and can clearly articulate what needs to be designed and built. Saving time and money in the production of a product.

agile development

Design without execution is pretty hard to deal with. Our entire methodology is based around the idea of iterate, learn, adjust and move forward. It's fast, it's integrated, and it delivers. Our clients often hire us to take over development where internal teams need help to deliver.

intellectual Property

A fancy way of saying that we have designed and publish a number of reports and insights that we will happily provide for you. Just let us know what area you are interested in. (We done a fair amount in high technology, general product development, software development, electrical engineering, web development, contract manufacturing, industrial design, user experience design, consumer behavior, retail design and deployment, consumer insight, and business to business marketing and selling.)