client: Intuit  |  product: patient portal


The software company Intuit is known for its QuickBooks software, but it sells SaaS solutions for industries as well. However in 2008, Intuit was struggling to gain a foothold the healthcare vertical. The company’s healthcare division approached Sprout to develop the solution from scratch within weeks. Through Sprout’s work, Intuit successfully established itself in the healthcare vertical—without developing a new product.


Intuit asked Sprout to help expand Intuit’s offerings through a SaaS portal for doctors’ offices that would support sales of QuickBooks and payment processing. The vision of a popup patient portal would make it easy and convenient for patients to refill prescriptions, make and change appointments, ask questions and input new patient information. The portal would also allow sharing of test results and other medical records. The challenge they faced was a smaller company that already had a product in the market—and it was growing quickly. Intuit knew that to succeed, they needed to grab market share ASAP.


Sprout worked with Intuit to build a comprehensive set of requirements, research the competition, meet with doctors, clinics and hospitals. The team worked quickly to build a mockup, using a rapid prototyping tool to create the end-to-end experience.


In just six weeks Sprout was able to create a viable product that achieved Intuit’s goal—which was not to build the product. Instead, they used Sprout’s work to encourage the #2 player to sell. Although the product was never developed or released, Intuit gained the leverage it needed to achieve its goal of quick entrance to the healthcare vertical with a full lineup of doctors’ offices and other customers already using the product.

Project Focus

Product Strategy
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Sprout was a perfect compliment to our in house team. Their unique combination of business acumen and classic user centric design was what we needed in our efforts to redefine the market.
— Intuit