Cameron Craig, Principal


Cameron has been working as a business, product development, and innovation strategist for various Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and not-for-profits since the early 1990s. He started out in what was then called a "think tank" in Silicon Valley.

He developed his expertise in user-centered design and emerging technology working for Quantum Corporation, Lam Research Corporation, and TiVo (you can thank him for the beeps and blips, as well as the original $399/499 price tag).

Cameron co-founded 415 Productions Internet Solutions Group  where he began collaborating with Jeff to develop new products for the Bay Area's leading institutions. Those relationships endure today.

That jump out of the corporate rat race lead to ongoing consulting to clients such as BMW Group, Sony Computer Entertainment America (, IBM Global Storage,  IDG, The Robert Mondavi Wineries, Trimble Navigation, AXA Financial, Blue Shield of California, and Providian Bancorp. Cam has brought his product development expertise to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The California Healthcare Foundation, and the San Francisco SPCA. 

Most recently splitting his time between Macy's/Bloomingdales, HP, and DocuSign, where he's been busy defining customer experiences across store environments, on the desktop, and most importantly on mobile devices. 

avorite superhero: uh, duh…Batman
hat he would make if he had a ball of Playdoh right now: tires for the Lego Audi TT RS
hat he wanted to be when he grew up: “the guy, behind the guy, behind the guy”
avorite movie: 2001, most played recently: High Fidelity
hat’s on iTunes right now: The Sound of Settling


Jeff Gosche, Principal

We like to describe Jeff as having the shell of a pragmatist and the heart of a dreamer.

The wild variety of his interests and the need to exercise and feed both the creative and analytical aspects of his personality have endowed him with a unique approach to life and work. Both personally and professionally, Jeff likes to take on ambitious projects that push boundaries. If in well-worn territory, he steps back and looks at things from a different perspective and applies his learnings from unrelated experiences. More often than not, he finds some small nugget that inspires a fresh approach or a new way of thinking.

Jeff is also great at working with the ‘wild west’ – to take an undefined concept or a lofty idea and start shaping it into something tangible and doable. Punching holes and looking for weak spots and then adjusting the direction until it’s got a solid form that can withstand even the toughest scrutiny.

While he truly believes that having the right tool for the job will make any effort much easier, he doesn't believe it implies that NOT having the right tool means the job can’t or shouldn’t be done; it just means you have to be creative about how you do it. The majority of Jeff's life he's found himself in the latter position, having to ‘make do’ with the resources at his disposal.

Growing up this took the shape of everything from crafting Halloween costumes out of garbage bags to constructing masks out of cardboard and construction paper for school plays. Later, when joining the work world, Jeff often landed positions where the role he was stepping into was new, unique or loosely defined, requiring him to insert himself into the environment, analyze the situation, build relationships, identify the need, negotiate the scope and form the solution – not unlike what as a consultant he does with each of his clients today.

Jeff started his career with one of the world's most prominent retail brands, Levi Strauss, where he held various positions in the retail marketing and customer relations groups and contributed to the company's pilot efforts to do business on the Web.

Intent on expanding his online experience, Jeff then worked for a variety of interactive design agencies, leveraging his talents in business development, online branding, process design, content strategy, and interaction design for companies like the U.S. Library of Congress, The Robert Mondavi Wineries, The San Francisco Symphony, Bay Area Rapid Transit, California Healthcare Foundation and Ghirardelli Chocolate.

Most recently, Jeff has been the lead user experience architect for the mobile websites and mobile phone applications for Macy's and Bloomingdales department stores.


Desired superpower: flight
Number of ways he can fold a paper airplane: at least 15
Guilty pleasure: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Favorite book: The Shining by Stephen King
What I'm doing when I've got some free time: crafting interesting (and tasty) baked goods